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Price per Ton

$16.00 Minimum Fee


(Wood waste including tree trunks, limbs and branches)
(Green waste including grass, leaves, garden debris)
Cardboard (Clean, No Styrfoam or Trash) $10.00/Per Load
Inert Materials (Brick, Stone, Gravel ,Pavement, Small Concrete no paint/stains) $30.00/ton
Unscreened Loam
(Sand, Loam, Topsoil)
Hard To Handle Concrete (Oversize Clean Concrete w/wire/rebar no paint/stain) $50.00/ton
Non-Recyclables/Mixed Loads $114.00/Ton
Shingles (Clean Shingles. NO Flashing, Wood, Paper, Plastic, etc.) $85.00/ton
Metals $5.00/Ton
Stumps $80.00/Ton
Certified Weight $25.00
Mattress/Box Spring Call For Pricing



Miscellaneous Items, Universal & E-Waste


With Freon Residential Units
(Refrigerators, ACs, dehumidifiers)

Commercial Units (Soda, beer, ice cream coolers, etc.)



  Without Freon
(Stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers, water heaters etc.)


Tires Auto, off rim $7.00/each
  Auto, on rim $10.00/each
  Truck, off rim $28.00/each
  Truck, on rim


Propane Tanks    
  1 lb Camper type bottles $3.00/each
  5 lb - 20 lb Tank / Grill bottles $10.00/each
  25 lb to 100 lb Tanks $35.00/each

Flourescent Tubes
                                   Used comercially

                                   Used residentially 

$0.25 linear foot

No Charge

U-Shaped/Compact Flourescents

                                  Used comercially                                                              

                                  Used residentially



No Charge


HID Lamps $4.00 each
Lighting Ballasts/Capacitors $3.00 each

Mercury Devices

$4.00 each

Fire Extinguishers

Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

$15.00 each

$15.00 each

Console TVs    
  Used residentially $22.00/each
  Used commercially $62.00/each
Non-Console TVs    
  Used residentially $7.00/each
  Used commercially $23.00/each
Computer Monitors    
  All sizes, used residentially $5.00/each
  17" or smaller, used commercially $20.00/each
  Larger than 17", used commercially $25.00/each
CPUs and Laptops $5.00 each
PC peripherals $2.00 each

Desktop Office Equipment
(Printers, faxes, scanners, copiers)

$5.00 each
UPS units $8.00 each
Automotive or large lead acid batteries $7.00 each
Small batteries

$0.15 each

Household Hazardous Waste (Oil Paint, Stain, Gas, Oil, Fertilizer, etc.)

Collections accepted on 1st Saturday of each month April – November only

Liquid $6.50 per gallon
Dry $3.50 per pound (lb)                                                     

                                                                                                Pricing subject to change.                                   Rev: 03-01-18