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Items We Accept


Wood waste including tree trunks, limbs, branches.

Clean Wood / Demo Wood

Wood from construction or demolition, wooden furniture, pallets. If it is painted, that is okay. Nails are acceptable as well. No pressure treated in the wood bin. Pressure treated goes with Non-Recyclables.

Yard Waste

Green waste such as grass, leaves, garden debris.


Drywall, plaster, sheetrock. Gypsum falls under the non-recyclable pricing catagory.

Inert Material

Brick, stone, gravel, sand, loam, topsoil, asphalt.


This category includes items such as stuffed furniture, carpet and carpet padding, styrofoam, clothing, shoes, cassette tapes, kids toys, matresses & boxsprings, pressure treated wood, etc.


There are different rates for clean loads (straight shingles, with flashing and/or other materials separate and sortable vs. mixed shingles). Please see Pricing Tab for more information.






Fire Extinguishers

Smoke Detectors

Propane Tanks

E-Waste and Universal Waste

This category includes TV's, computers, computer componants, printers, copiers, cell phones, fluorescent tubes, CFL bulbs, mercury devices, batteries of all kinds. Please contact us with any questions.

Hazardous Waste

Please see our Hazardous Waste tab for complete information regarding pricing and dates of availability.

Silver Bullet

Riverside Recycling also has a "silver bullet" recycling container on site. If you have missed your recycling pick-up, or simply have a lot to recycle, please feel free to come on over. Remember to always stop and speak with an attendant before entering into the facility.



Riverside Recycling does not accept any of the following materials:
Household garbage or any food-related items
Hazardous waste on non-hazardous waste drop off days
Medical waste such as needles or prescription drugs

Our scale house attendants will be happy to help you find other ways for you to safely dispose of these items. Just ask!